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Poodles are one of the most adorable dog breeds around. Since they are classified under rare breeds, it is important that the new owner knows some facts about these dogs. Knowing that they are small in nature is not enough. If you are looking to adopt a poodle puppy, here is some information you should know about the breed;


They vary in size


First off, you should know that these dogs come in different sizes, which means that you should choose according to your preference. A toy poodle will range around 25cm, mini poodles are between 28cm and 35cm, medium poodles range between 35cm and 45cm, while large poodles range between 45cm and 60cm.


They need a lot of care


You must consider if you will have the time and money to take care of the poodle. Poodles need regular grooming. For that, you should invest well in grooming products. Also, taking him to a professional groomer can be a good idea. This should be done two times every month.


Toy/Mini Poodles are not best for a large house


Usually, the smallest poodles will go well with a confined space like a studio or an apartment. They may not be the right choice for a big family and may not feel comfortable in a large house. Alternatively, larger poodles are great for outdoors and hunting. You can go for the large poodle if you want a family dog.


They are great with kids


Regardless of the size of the poodle, they get along easily with kids. These dogs are naturally friendly, which gives you an easy time when managing them with the entire family at home. If you have kids, you won’t have to worry about the friendliness of the dog.


Adopt one from a well-established breeding home


Dog adoption needs to be handled appropriately. You need to go to the right place for adopting the dog. Ideally, a reputable dog breeder can help you find the right poodle for adoption. This way, you will be sure of finding a dog that is both healthy and well-bred. Furthermore, a good dog breeder will offer the dog a guarantee/warranty. This way, you can take the dog back if he falls sick or he is unhealthy within the stated period. You also get to choose a variety of poodles that meets your preferences.


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