Tips on picking your Golden Retriever Puppy

Some people prefer buying an adult dog that is well-trained to keep as a pet, while others opt for getting a puppy, and train them as they grow. If you are going for a puppy, you will need to be careful with how you make your choice. That said, here are some tips to help you choose your puppy accordingly.


1.  Observe the litter keenly

As you observe the litter, you should not disturb them at all. Ensure you look out how the puppy interacts with other dogs. Ideally, choose one that is active and playful, but not a dominant or overbearing pup. Also, choose a puppy that is not too skinny nor too fat.


2.  Examine the individual puppy

Once you spot the puppy of your choice, you will need to examine how healthy he is, and if he is worth taking home. Study the ears, eyes, gums, rear end, and teeth of the puppy to check if he is healthy enough. Ensure that the puppy has bright eyes, a clean and shiny coat and that he doesn’t have any sign of discharge.


Avoid picking a shy and fearful puppy, especially if he is between seven and eight weeks. On the contrary, the puppy should not show any sign of undesirable traits as being shy and fearful at this stage.


3.  Hug and cradle the pup

Try hugging and cradling the puppy, and be keen to study his reaction. If he squeals, wriggles, and is unsettled, he might not be the right choice for you. However, it is okay if he struggles a bit, since he may not be used to it.


4.  Check the parents of the puppy

Even though the Golden Retriever will have a specific ailment and temperaments, some conditions and disorders might come from the parent or grandparent. For that, ensure that you observe the parent of the puppy before taking him. If the parent is energetic and overly healthy, you are lucky to pick one puppy from the litter.


5.  Take the pup to a vet for a full examination

Once you make up your mind about choosing a specific puppy, take him to a veterinarian for a thorough examination. The vet will know how to examine the dog and determine if he is healthy enough. A good breeder should have their own vet, or they should have a connection to a reliable vet around. Above all, ensure that you choose the pup from a reputable breeder. is a leading Golden Retriever Breeder in California. There are Golden Retriever Litters Available whenever you need to pick a puppy.