What is a Pet Hotel and What is it all About?

If a trip or other cause prevents you from taking care of your pet, and you do not have someone you trust to do it, the solution may be a residence for pets. We give you tips to choose the most appropriate one.

Increasing demand for pet homes has led to more and more businesses dedicated to meeting pet owners’ need to find someone to care for their pets. And it is that although our pet with whom it is best is with us, we cannot always take care of it, either for leisure, illness, or work. A good solution is to go to one of these centers, which are pleasant and have good hygienic and sanitary conditions.

What are Pet Hotels?

Residences for pets are centers dedicated to the lodging and temporary care of animals when their owners, whether due to work, leisure, illness, or for any other reason, are going to be absent and cannot attend to them. These types of companies, relatively recent, come to cover a need that, until now, was not contemplated.

The purpose of these centers is to care for companion animals that cannot be cared for by their owners at certain times, but we must not forget that our pets will always be the best with us. For this reason, the ideal whenever possible is for the animal to accompany us or, failing that, that a person we trust and know to him takes charge in our absence.

What to Remember When You Take Your Pet to a Residence

In the case of dogs and cats, to try to make your stay as pleasant as possible and, therefore, less stressful, it is necessary that we prepare your suitcase with great care so as not to forget anything. In it, we will include your bed, your favorite toy or an object to which you feel attached, and, of course, your usual food so as not to cause intestinal disorders. It may be interesting to add some of the sweets that we usually offer as a reward for specific moments when caregivers deem it necessary. Nor should you forget the animal’s documentation: up-to-date vaccination card, health certificate, and identification with a microchip.

Finally, it is interesting to remember that it is always advisable to sign a contract with the pet residence, so that if there is a problem we can claim through legal channels in a much simpler way. It must specify the duration of the animal’s stay, the contracted services, the final price, and the commitments assumed by the residence with our pet.

Likewise, it never hurts to know your protocol of action in case of accident or illness, and if it is also reflected in said contract, much better.

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